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Bookkeeping is a vital component for business owners, managers, and stakeholders in order to carry their business in the long run. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have accountants and bookkeepers near or with them resulting in their early windup. But here at HRMB Associates LLC, we help you to have accurate records of your business accounts books and financial statements.

Our expert team of bookkeepers and accountants will be there with you all time to help you to organize and analyze financial data and accounts. Also, they will suggest and guide you throughout your success journey and ensure accuracy and improve spending against your expenses.

Our Bookkeeping includes all your financial and accounting needs of the business. We will provide you with inputs of all transactions of your bank accounts, credit cards, and loan payments. We will reconcile all accounts relating to financial, saving, cost, and current. With our expertise, we will make adjustments and entries wherever needed. Also, we will provide a Balance Sheet, Profit, and Loss Accounts, Custom records at the end of every financial year.

Our Bookkeeping Services are concentrated on minimizing our valuable clients’ accounting and finance costs by assisting them with their accounting, management, and tax planning and preparation requirements. HRMB Associates’ personalized online accounting and bookkeeping services encompass the complete scope of bookkeeping, and clients have the flexibility to pick what they need. We work simply as clients’ virtual back office for all their accounting and bookkeeping functions right from support, set-up, maintenance, and assistance with accounting. By outsourcing bookkeeping services from HRMB Associates, you can avail of the cost benefits of our customized finance and bookkeeping services.

HRMB Associates has expertise across all the prominent accounting and bookkeeping software used in the industry for financial services, such as Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage Accounting, etc. We have a passionate team of well-trained and skilled accountants and professionals who can easily adapt to clients’ specified processes and software and ensure immediate turnaround quality and time standards.

Our Data Transmission Process

HRMB Associates includes some of the most recent techniques and processes for data transmission used in industries for accounting and bookkeeping services. Some of them are as follows:

Server Based or FTP Bookkeeping Process

  • Forwarding us the source documents: To forward us your documents, you have two choices: either fax your source documents to our toll-free fax number or choose to scan the source documents and upload them to a safe FTP server.
  • Updating Your Books: We can update your finance books by the same night. At this phase, we will need you to give us a backup copy of your finance books. We can carry out this using QuickBooks backup.
  • Delivery of the updated books: At last, we will send you the updated finance books to your e-mail or upload the updated finance books to a secure FTP server. The updated books will be forwarded to you the previous night so that you can easily download the updated finance books from the secured FTP server to your system the following day.

Application Service Providers

The second process we use is application service providers:

  • Send your source documents – You need to send us your source documents either by faxing them to HRMB’s toll-free fax number or by scanning the documents and loading them to our application server.
  • Updating your books – At HRMB Associates, we can revise your accounting books by signing in to the online accounting software,, and updating the accounts books.
  • Sending you the updated books – The client can log in anytime to the online accounting software to check the updated books.

Our Value-added Bookkeeping Services

At HRMBs Associates, we believe in delivering high-standard bookkeeping services to our precious clients:

Specialized Reports

Besides high-quality bookkeeping services, we provide custom reports that allow customers to assess their expenditures and revenue better. A list of additional bookkeeping services offered is as below:

  • Customized reports: We provide customized reports to our clients that help them analyze their revenue and expenditures.
  • Employee Reports – assess every employee’s expense with year-end reports.
  • Customer Reports – evaluate your least profitable and most profitable clients.
  • The break-up of Expenditures – we break down your expenditures by category. Whether it’s by the office, product line, or area, this report provides you with an adequate evaluation of your expenses.
  • Event Analysis – analyze your costs for individual events.

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