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Many factors play a part in fixing the tax planning tax preparation prices, like per-item, per-form, or per hour rates. A practitioner can charge either of the following:

  • A minimum fee and amount depending on client return complexity
  • The fee for taxes form or schedule
  • A fee-based on subjective tax preparation service
  • The hourly rate for spent tax planning tax preparation time
  • The set fee for each item of data

Whether you are using tax planning, tax preparation methods, or any other approach to set the fee, it’s a great idea to conduct the annual review of tax return season to ensure that you’re not short-changing yourself. The fee structure can be a factor in the cost and a practical profit margin. On the other hand, you can get expert help when you wish to make sure that you’re not charging more than the market bears.

While it is uncertain, comparing tax professionals’ charges is the guideline for assessing the fee structure.

National Average Fee For Preparing Taxes

According to reports from a study, the following are national averages for tax planning tax preparation from the Form 1040 returns for income tax and corresponding state returns:

  • Form 1040 $220 without any itemized deductions.
  • Itemized Form 1040 with $323 with Schedule A.
  • Form the 1120S for $903 – S corporation

Note: You can be asked to pay more for tax planning and preparation if you are there at the appointment with carelessly stuffed receipts in a cardboard box or missing one or more vital documents such as Form 1099 for earned income in the year.

Role Of The Geography In Preparing Charge

The location where the tax is being prepared affects the amount of fee charged. For example, a study had significant regional differences in tax planning, tax preparation average for Form 1040 with state return and Schedule A – and variations with the region – with the highest fee on the west and east coasts. For other details, you can check Income and Fees Survey.

How Tax Preparers Handle Disorganized And Delinquent Clients?

Tax planning tax preparation experts generally charge more to clients who submit return paperwork at the eleventh hour or those who submit a jumbled mess. NSA found that around 75.1 percent of preparers increase their fees by $145.14 for incomplete or disorganized paperwork to complete a return tax filing for a sole proprietor. For other vital details, check the Fee and Income Survey.

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How Do Tax Preparers Collect Fees?

There was a survey on how practitioners collected client bills for different tax planning and tax preparation service offerings on the following basis:

Value Pricing – It depends on the maximum amount a client wants to pay for a service. It is pre-decided before the work starts.

Hourly billing – This type of billing is based on the worked hours

Fixed fee – The fee generally depends on the estimated hours (or cost) for work completion

Value billing – It is generally marking up or often marking down the invoice on the client after performing the work.

How Long Does Tax Preparation Take?

There is no specific answer to “how long does tax preparation take?” Taxpayers who don’t file returns spend the least time on taxes. According to the IRS, they spend around 13 hours preparing their returns, with six hours for recordkeeping and two hours for planning taxes.

Taxpayers with their businesses spend more time in tax planning and tax preparation than non-business taxpayers. According to the IRS, the total average time they take is 23 hours, four hours for tax planning, and 12 hours for recordkeeping (minimum.) They spend most on tax planning and tax preparation, averaging $470.

Other Aspects Affecting The Tax Preparation Fee

Let’s say that tax planning and tax preparation don’t have any specific fees. Most tax preparers will charge you a flat fee on return, but some charge hourly rates. Lots of variables determine the cost you pay for such service.

Return Type: The return filing affects the price you pay for tax planning and tax preparation. The National Society of Accountants (NSA) states that the average 2020 fee to prepare Schedule A Form 1040 for itemizing any personal deductions in addition to state income tax return was $323. $220 was the average Form 1040 average fee as the standard deduction with the state’s income tax return.

The fee for tax planning tax preparation increases after adding return schedules. For example, 

  • The additional average fee for Schedule C for independent/sole contractors was $192.
  • The additional Schedule D fee for reporting losses and capital gains was $118. 
  • Schedule E fee for reporting losses and capital gains was $118. 
  • The additional Schedule E fee for reporting losses and rental income was $145. 

Thus, individuals with returns A, C, D, and E pay $778 as the total average fee. Most tax planning and tax preparation experts hiked their fees in 2020.

Tax Preparers Expertise: The tax filer’s credentials, experience, and worth also impact the fee generally charged. For example, the certified public accountant (CPA) generally charges higher than the enrolled agent.

Saving Money On Tax Preparation Fee

Irrespective of the approach you use to file taxes, there are many ways to save money.

Ensure you’ve completed the paperwork: Divide the income, expenses, statements, receipts, etc. Label clear toss receipts and plastic bags into them year-round. Add and tape each bag so the preparer can fill the blank.

Do Some Research: Request some quotes from reputable service providers to ensure a fair deal.

Don’t pay for anything more: with a simple return, you become eligible to get free tax planning tax preparation from VITA or discounted rates from any chain preparation firm. You don’t need tax attorneys for Form 1040 without itemizing or other schedules.

Search for promotions and discounts: According to the Association of Tax Professionals, around 86% of preparers offer a free consultation for prospective clients or/and these other discounts:

  • Friends and family of tax planning tax preparation professional
  • Dependents and family of client
  • Senior citizens
  • Students
  • New clients
  • Advertised coupon
  • Returning customers
  • Filing before any specific date
  • Nonprofits or charities
  • Pro bono work
  • Affiliation or vocation (clergy, police, veteran, etc.)
  • Discount for past service error

Bottom Line

The IRS has tips for selecting a reliable tax planning and preparation expert. You can look for a tax preparer’s credentials. It includes whether they’ve got a PTIN for filing season through the IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers.

Before working with the preparer, you should ask for free quotes that they’ll charge you. While the fees solely should not be the basis for choosing a tax filer, it is vital.

Getting higher returns doesn’t necessarily mean correct tax planning and tax preparation. It can simply be a sign that withholding is at an efficient level. Most of the time, getting a refund is terrible, as it means they withheld a lot and might have earned money on the interest in the meantime. Of course, it is less of a big deal provided with low savings and market rates than before. HRMB Associates LLC specializes in tax planning and tax preparation for income tax, property tax, healthcare tax, income tax, etc. Our accredited tax attorneys and CPAs are reliable in the tax season and suggest the best possible solutions to maximize savings and get long-term tax benefits.

How Much Does It Cost For Tax Preparation?
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