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A perfect data expert feeds data with accuracy and speed. Many qualities make a data entry operator a specialist in their job as they have a sharp eye for detail propelling them through workdays. It keeps them working to meet high demands. Good computer skills and working with databases can set them apart from other administrative professionals. Are these the traits you’re looking for? Then a data entry specialist is a person you want. However, the salaries can determine whether you would need to hire them or not. Let’s know what you can do about it.

Currently, every other firm needs these tasks to get done in an organized manner. Therefore, offices need to have team members perform data jobs so the whole firm has access to such numbers to use in work. Let’s look at what the employers search for in a data entry specialist and how they decide their pay.

Who Is A Data Entry Specialist?

Data entry job functions can notably vary based on the experience level. For example, the junior or entry-level data specialist feeds data quickly and accurately into databases. Such a role also includes taking customer orders and entering them into the tracking system.

For senior levels, the duties can increase. They prioritize batch data entry information and complete the information analysis for reports and works. Further, the senior data entry specialist should know technical skills and the skill to oversee and train staff while feeding high data volumes.

Besides the experience, senior and junior specialists should have strong Microsoft Office Skills, mainly in MS Excel and MS Word. As time is the efficacy factor, most firms look for people with good typing speed. As a firm, you should know good typing speed is what you need.

Job Duties Of A Data Entry Specialist 

A data entry expert works on computers to enter info to process or record the data. The work can be tiresome in most cases, but accuracy is vital as the data is for day-to-day firm tasks. Data entry experts are for vast settings like working with claimants’ cover information and new applicants, processing patient records for large-scale clinics or medical facilities, or updating product info for online stores. People in data entry commonly work on a PC to enter and update data in branded browsers/forms or spreadsheets. Because of the work nature, most firms offer fixed breaks to the job personnel due to headaches, tired eyes, repetitive forearms, hand injuries, and frequent employee complaints in such roles.

Most data entry experts should have a high school diploma or equivalent. A firm can need some postsecondary work training in certain positions.

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Firms mostly hire data experts to work part-time or full-time. This flexibility becomes a prominent entry-level position for workers looking at a career in records office administration and specialization. Firms often pay a bonus to data-entry specialists based on their accuracy and speed. Data entry experts work during regular business hours, and the job setting is generally large office floors with various computer terminals. 

Salary Of A data Entry Specialist

According to various sources, with job duties, the data entry experts’ salary is based on their experience level.

The average pay of a data entry expert in the United States is $53,579. As a bonus, the total average of a data entry expert is around $459, signifying about 15% of their pay, with around 100% of people reporting that they get an annual bonus. The Data Entry Specialists make the most in Chicago, around $81,751, with a total average pay of 53%, more than the average in the United States.

The pay for data entry experts in the United States ranges from around $20,030 to $129,700, with a median salary of $37,009. The middle 57% of the data entry experts have a pay range of $37,097 to $64,550. Finally, the top 86% of data entry experts make around $129,700. 

How Much Earning Is Taxed For Data Entry Experts

As a tax filer in the particular pay bracket, the data entry specialist must pay the average federal tax for 2018 of 22%. After the 22%, the national tax rate is taken out, the data entry expert gets a take-home salary of about $45,852 per year, with each monthly pay slip of approx.—$ 1,911. 

Varying Pay Based On Work Experience 

An entry-level data expert who worked for less than a year should consult an expert to get the average pay of $14.73 (with bonus, overtime, and tips). An early specialist with up to 1 to 4 years of experience earns a total compensation of around $15.50 depending on 560 salaries. The mid-career data Entry Specialist with up to 5 to 9 years of work experience can make a full payment of $ 15.92 after comparing 204 salaries.

A data entry specialist with 10 to 19 years of work experience earns $15.98 based on 159 salaries. In the late-career of about 20 years, the candidate can earn an average of $17 as pay.

Data Entry Specialists’ Highest And Lowest Salary 

For employees with data entry specialists in New York, the job titles have a 28.0% average more than the national average. Such job titles also get more pay in Los Angeles, California (16.95% or more) and San Diego (15.1% more). The lowest pay states for data experts are Houston, Texas (2.4% less), and Tampa, Florida (8.3% less).


With these pay ranges and variations, firms can find whether they need to pay high or low salaries to the data entry operators. The pay scale info is based on experience, location, budget, etc. Further, to learn about the data entry specialist salary, companies can consult industry-leading experts of HRMB Associates LLC. Our diverse portfolio, clients from all around the world, speaks for itself. We help all types and scales of businesses get the right solutions for hiring, tax preparation, and business consulting. Or, if you are a job seeker, stay connected to our blog sections to know the right salary for a specific job role to stimulate your business growth.

Data Entry Specialist Salary: How Much Should Businesses Pay A Candidate?
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