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So often do you think about the qualifications and skills you need to apply for entry level data analyst jobs? If you have ever considered a career as a data analyst, there’s no perfect time now to get started on your dream career path. Data analytics offers a steep learning curve, particularly for people just starting their career, but it is also extremely rewarding—both in terms of job contentment and financially. However, because most entry-level data analytics jobs need some sort of training experience before you can even consider putting in the application, you may have some job market questions.

This blog will cover all you need about entry level data analytics jobs. By the end, you should be well-informed enough to begin applying or take the next step in acquiring the required knowledge.

What Is The Work Of An Entry-Level Data Analyst?

In entry level data analyst jobs, all data analysts- irrespective of their experience level- are operating towards a shared goal: creating actionable insights and exploring data that can push a company forward. The nature of this data (and the character of insights derived from them) differs greatly. It relies on a variety of factors, including your specific goal (product development or sales strategy), the firm you work for (start-up or a large multinational), the industry you’re in (finance or healthcare), and even your line manager and job description.

However, junior data analysts generally are expected to perform more “basic” duties. Despite how crucial these jobs are, they frequently function independently inside the larger data analytics process. They, therefore, pose less of a danger of expensive errors for entry-level data analysts to take on. You’ll probably report to a more senior coworker if you’re working in a team, which many analysts do. The senior coworker is in charge of keeping you on course.

Tasks That Employees Need To Perform In Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs

Considering all this, what does a beginning data analyst accomplish on a typical day? You might be expected to perform the following entry-level data analytics tasks:

  • Data gathering and archiving from a variety of sources.
  • The act of conducting exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • Recognizing to spot trends and patterns in a dataset (or datasets)
  • Generally utilizing MS Excel formulas, data cleansing, and quality assurance.
  • Using the Python programming language for reworking existing code and creating basic scripts 
  • Using Structured Query Language (SQL) to query relational databases
  • To better comprehend the company and its goals, acquaint yourself with your business domain (such as product development, accounting, or marketing).
  • Experimenting with process automation (although this will generally be managed or overseen by someone more superior)
  • Using tables, graphs, and other visualizations to create visual dashboards.
  • Creating and delivering reports and presentations about your findings

This list is by no means comprehensive, and depending on the previously mentioned circumstances, your list of duties may differ from this. It’s still a nice place to start, though. Is there anything on that list that you are still unsure of? If yes, then start learning!

Skills And Qualifications Required To Become An Entry-Level Data Analyst

The skills you need to become a junior-level data analyst depend on the job description and the company you will be working in. Smaller start-ups generally focus on the hands-on learning approach. They are the ones who are willing to hire people from entry-level data analyst positions without much skills or practical experience. 

That being the case, what types of skills and expertise do these kinds of employers search for instead? In brief, the employers will be looking for people who have a broad skill set that can show their willingness and ability to learn. For instance:

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  • Leadership and teamwork 
  • Empathy and Self-awareness for other people
  • Initiative and Motivation
  • Resilience and Reliability, for example, are the ability to manage things well under pressure.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making 
  • Critical and creative thinking 
  • Interpersonal skills and excellent communication 

More often, to get the first job as an entry level data analyst, you need to develop these life skills and all the technical expertise. It is mainly true in the case of large employers who will look ahead for you to hit the ground running. In that instance, you’ll most likely need:

  • An undergraduate-level degree, preferably in computer science or data-related subjects.
  • Statistical programming proficiency, e.g., R or Python 
  • Complete understanding of SQL and relational database
  • Skillfulness in using statistical functions of MS Excel
  • Potential to generate data visualization using software
  • Strong statistical and math skills
  • Theory of automation and machine learning ( a plus, but are not necessary for an entry-level data analyst job)

These are the types of skills that most employers look for in an applicant who has applied for an entry-level data analyst job. But you should always read the job description first. 

What Types Of Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs Are Available?

We are going to discuss the types of jobs that are available as a data analyst. The answer to this question is yes! You can start your career in different roles. 

Internships As Data Analysts

One way of obtaining real-world experience in data analytics is to look for internships in data analysis. Large companies, especially, may take recent graduates or students to make them understand what the role of a data analyst is like. 

If you do an outstanding job during your internship, there is a high chance that you will get a full-time job in the firm itself. If this is the route that fascinates you, then you can seek out a company that you’d like to work with and contact their head of data analytics or chief data scientist and look if they would be willing to take on an intern. However, there is one thing that you should be aware of: several companies do not pay their interns. If you are comfortable doing work for free for experience, then you should opt for this option; otherwise, look for a paid internship.    

Data Analytics Apprenticeships

If you are not on board with the idea of an internship, why not consider an apprenticeship? Many vocational training providers and community colleges are connected to their local business communities, allowing individuals like you to learn all the required data analytics skills in a classroom setting before using them in a work environment through an apprenticeship.   

The best thing about an apprenticeship is that they can upskill you for a specific company while teaching you how the company works. Apprenticeships are generally paid, which is a huge bonus.  

A degree apprenticeship is another option whose popularity is growing rapidly for gaining higher-level skills. This degree offers more in-depth training over the years and accompanies one or several apprenticeship placements. It offers you more comprehensive skills and allows you to work for various employers. 

What Is The Average Salary Of An Entry Level Data Analyst?

Now we know the qualification and tasks that an entry-level data analyst must possess and perform. We will discuss how much salary an entry-level data analyst can expect per year. The salaries will depend on how big the company is and your skill set, but the average yearly salary of an entry-level data analyst is around $46,000 in a year, which is pretty good for a beginner. 

Several factors other than the skill level will make a difference in how much you earn, such as the company you work in, the location you work at, and the team size. 

The blog has everything you need to know about entry level data analyst jobs. And if you are looking for data entry and analyst jobs, head to our website, HRMB Associates LLC, because we provide some amazing entry level data analyst jobs to all our talented individuals.

Everything You Need To Know About Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs
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