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To develop and promote a product, every organization generally needs a human resource team. The team also helps to run the organization. You may agree to the fact that employee recruitment happens only when there is a vacancy. Furthermore, people have a misconception that a human resource expert and recruitment expert are the same person. They are not the same at all.

The best way to differentiate their jobs is that the recruiter works directly under the HR manager and is a part of the HR team. It is also possible that the recruiter works only as a temporary staff member of the company. In such cases, the human resources department will hire a recruiter to recruit staff for the organization. 

Now you must be wondering what the differences are between human resource experts and recruitment experts. They both have different job functions. Recruitment experts are responsible for checking certain company positions that have to be filled. 

Also, they work with hiring managers to complete this task. If an organization wants to replace a former staff member, employers have to research the past work, define the role, make a perfect job description, and put the same on several platforms. Organizations also attend career fairs, college recruiting fairs, and many more to find the ideal candidate. Now let us find recruitment experts and human resource experts in depth. We will also discuss why HRMB Associates LLC is the best HR consulting company

What Is A Human Resources Expert?

Human resource experts are primarily trained experts in all aspects of human resources. These people are equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle several issues within a company. Their job also includes recruiting and hiring new talents and facilitating training and onboarding into an organization. 

These people are specialists for several reasons; they specialize in one certain area of human resources and apply a higher level of specialized knowledge and technical skill to benefit the company. 

What Is A Recruitment Expert?

In simple words, a recruitment expert is a well-informed human resources professional who deals with all stuff related to hiring. These people are well-versed with hiring trends for their industry. They also possess exceptional knowledge of competitive compensation packages, recruitment tactics, and know-how to find and retain amazing talents. 

These experts work within the human resources team. Several recruiting agencies and organizations with huge recruitment needs may have a separate department under the company’s umbrella. Recruitment experts have immense knowledge of the company’s HR structure and their specific roles. 

Role Of A Human Resources Expert

The duties of a human resource expert may vary. They generally have a specific human resources area and different tasks to complete every day. These experts handle onboarding once the new hire joins the company. Furthermore, they can do several other things, such as keeping staff engaged in helping design your pay and performance methodology. 

HR experts also ensure that there are career growth opportunities, meaningful recognition for great performances and salary and bonuses are distributed fairly. Let us find some major responsibilities of HR experts. 

Recruitment And Retention Experts

The key responsibilities of HR experts generally include interviewing applicants, making changes in the recruiting strategy of an organization, administering pre-employment tests, processing transfers, promotions, terminations, and assisting with conducting background checks. 

Training And Development Experts

HR experts generally develop the workforce of an organization. They conduct training sessions, manage on-the-job training programs, evaluate training program success, and maintain records of staff participation and improvements made through the programs. 

Compensation And Benefits Experts

HR experts also focus on the area of salary and benefits. Their roles include analyzing job titles and duties to help set salaries. They also conduct and analyze compensation surveys, evaluate and administer benefit plans. Furthermore, they are also responsible for monitoring benefits costs. 

Role Of A Recruitment Expert

Recruitment experts help companies find the right person for a specific role. These people work to fill staff vacancies by researching potential contacts, interviewing candidates. Also, they build a network of the best talent within their industry. 

The responsibilities of recruitment experts can be different based on their chosen organization and industry. College recruitment experts generally visit several universities on behalf of the company and hire freshers or entry-level roles. Those who work in a recruiting agency focus on a specific industry. They work with several companies and gain knowledge of multiple organizational structures. The following are the key responsibilities of a recruitment expert. 

Research And Identify Potential Candidates

Recruitment experts monitor the vacancies of an organization. These people generally utilize software and internal networking databases to explore talent. Also, they always have a sharp eye on major players in their industry and always look for top talent. 

Manage Interview Screenings

Recruitment experts are the first point of contact between a company and a potential hire. These people are known for having strong knowledge of the hiring requirements. Furthermore, they are the effective mouthpiece for what the company wants. They conduct screening interviews and ask significant baseline questions that assess whether an individual is fit for the role or not. They also make recommendations to the employers or hiring managers for future interviews. 

Manage Job Listing

Recruitment experts organize job listings and monitor incoming applications through several job websites and boards. They possess exceptional knowledge and communication skills to write captivating listings that encourage applicants to apply. 

Manage Recruitment Activities

Apart from working on computer screens, organizing job fairs, campus recruitment events,  these people also perform other tasks such as conducting interview screenings. 

Major Differences Between HR and Recruitment Experts

In their roles and function section, we have already discussed the key differences between HR and recruitment experts. Just for the sake of clarity, some major differences between the two are listed below. 

Job Creation

The management of an organization notifies the human resources department when there is a vacancy. HR experts receive all the job descriptions from the team lead. In contrast, recruitment experts have nothing to do with job creation. Recruiters are contacted by HR during vacancies. 

Evaluation Of Potential Candidates

Recruitment experts receive job vacancy information from the HR department and recruit potential candidates. The team also tests candidates’ potential and qualifications and decides who will clear the next round of the recruitment process. The only role of HR is to inform the recruiter about the available job role. 

Recruiters Are External Employees

Companies do not recruit all the time, and there might be no need for the recruitment experts to work for the organization full-time. These people generally work on a part-time or contractual basis whenever there are openings or vacancies to fill in the company. On the other hand, the human resources department is mostly an integral part of the company. 

Interaction At Different Stages

The interaction of HR and recruitment experts with employees at different stages is also a major distinguishing factor. The interaction of the recruitment experts begins when they identify a potential candidate till the point they are hired. They interact with them at different stages of the interview process. 

Whereas the HR department interacts with a person when the company hires the candidate, some experts also conduct the final phase of the interview. Their interaction begins with the onboarding process and follows throughout the employee’s stay in the company. 

Handling Of Appraisals And Promotion

The job of recruitment experts generally ends once an individual has been confirmed to fill the job opening. From there, the main job of HR experts begins. They take care of the training and development of the candidate, appraisals, team allocations, and many more. 

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How Are Recruitment Experts Different From Human Resource Experts?
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