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As the name suggests, a personal bookkeeping service is the professional management of personal finances. Managing personal finances can be stressful for any individual. Whether individual or family finance, it needs proper planning to get the most out of it.

Over the years, people have realized the importance of good personal finance for a happy lifestyle. Personal bookkeeping is more than just managing the bills. Most people compare this term with business bookkeeping which manages the accounts. To make yourself aware of personal bookkeeping, keep reading this blog post till the end.

What Is A Personal Bookkeeping Service?

A personal bookkeeping service is the management of your finances by the bookkeeping company. It involves the tracking of all your financial transactions with the help of expert knowledge and tools. This service is crucial for those individuals who have complex financial lifestyles and require proper management.

These people need to calculate the right value of their assets like investment, real estate, and brokerage amount. To manage all these personal finances, an individual hires personal bookkeeping professional. The role of a personal bookkeeper is to track day-to-day financial tasks and calculate an individual’s or family’s net worth.

Difference Between Business Bookkeeping And Personal Bookkeeping Service

There is the biggest confusion among people regarding these two services. As the name suggests, business bookkeeping deals with the business’s finance. On the other hand, personal bookkeeping deals with the personal finance of an individual or family. Here is the major difference between these two services:

Business Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping regularly manages a business’s finances is known as a business bookkeeping service. It involves tracking the various business financial terms like expenses, debt, assets, and revenue. With the help of accounting and bookkeeping software, you can better understand your cash flow and net worth. Moreover, professional bookkeepers manage and help you make smart financial decisions. The decision involves securing loans and saving taxes.

Personal Bookkeeping Service

A personal bookkeeping service involves managing personal finance with the help of a professional service. This bookkeeping service allows you to track and manage your budget according to your needs. You can easily discuss and assess all your expenses, investment, and savings with the help of the tool. The timely management of personal finance according to the lifestyle cuts the extra cost.

What Is A Personal Bookkeeper?

A personal bookkeeping service is hired for many reasons, like tracking expenses and taxes. A personal bookkeeper helps people to understand all their financial situations. These professionals are responsible for managing and organizing the taxes, assets, and personal expenses.

A bookkeeper also files the taxes and creates a yearly report for yourself. Additionally, the personal bookkeeper educates and supports understanding the new financial situations. Sometimes, a bookkeeper for personal finance manages both business and individual finance.

How Can Personal Bookkeeping Services Help You?

As an individual, you need to look for many things before taking any personal bookkeeping service. Any bookkeeping service comes to manage the finance of the business or individual. However, during personal bookkeeping, your finances contribute to your lifestyle. It is suggested to hire a professional only when you have large expenses and investments. Here’s how personal bookkeeping can help you:

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Saves Your Time

The personal bookkeeping service saves you time in tracking your expenses daily. Once you start keeping records of various finances, it takes a lot of time. Keeping the right records can be cumbersome for you if you are a working person.

The burden increases more at the time of tax filing. It consumes a lot of time and brings day-to-day stress. The personal bookkeeper does all financial management for you. You only need to provide data about your finances to the professional.

Reduce The Errors

When you manage all your finances by yourself, there are higher chances of errors. You might not understand various terms that are crucial at the time of tax filing. The personal bookkeeping service does all the accounting work for you. There are no chances of getting errors in your documents during filing a tax return. These professionals know the latest sections of the IRS, which ultimately save you a lot of taxes.

Track Your Finance

People don’t take personal finance seriously. These people don’t track how much they spend on vacation, parties, and personal joy. As a result, they need to pay large taxes on their income. A personal bookkeeping service keeps all the records of your expenses, income, and investments. A professional bookkeeping service allows you to track everything and suggests the best financial planning for the future.

Save Your Taxes

The major advantage of a personal bookkeeping service is tax-saving. The personal bookkeeper has knowledge and experience in filing the taxes. They make the financial strategy so that you can save on your taxes. When you manage all your financial stuff by yourself, you don’t know how to use your assets. These professionals have a great understanding and knowledge of how to save taxes on various personal things.

An Expert Assistance

Expert assistance in the form of a personal bookkeeping service lets you do all other things. When you have a personal bookkeeper, you get valuable tips and advice on improving your credit score. A credit score is essential in getting any financial loan in the future. This professional manages all your personal finance and assists you in future planning. The process of tax filing is confusing when you are a newbie, a personalized assistance lets you file your taxes professionally.

How To Choose A Personal Bookkeeping Service?

Once you understand your personal finance needs, choosing the right personal bookkeeping service is important. Here are a few things to keep in mind while hiring any bookkeeping services for yourself:

  • Specify Your Needs

The primary step in choosing the right personal bookkeeping service is to specify your needs. What are the needs of your personal finance? How long have you been looking for a bookkeeping service? If your goal is financial planning for the long term, then start looking for bookkeeping for financial planning purposes.

  • Do Your Research

The best way to find a personal bookkeeping service is to do the research. It might be time-consuming but worth your money and time. Start with online research by looking at the company’s website, newspaper, and any personal recommendations. If you want to hire a local personal bookkeeper, use the local search feature. Check the company’s website’s customer reviews to get an idea of their work.

  • Budget

One of the crucial factors in choosing a personal bookkeeping service is your budget. How much do you spend on your personal finance bookkeeping? If your budget is average, you should hire the service on a contract basis. You can even hire a freelance personal bookkeeper. On the other hand, choose the long-term service if you have a good budget for financial bookkeeping.

How Much Is The Cost Of A Personal Bookkeeping Service?

A personal bookkeeping service cost varies according to the service needs and the company’s experience. Various bookkeeping services offer a package that includes other accounting services. According to the study, the average cost of personal bookkeeping is $20/hr to $100/hr.

The cost of the bookkeeping service depends on the size and the service a company offers to its client. The other thing which plays an important role in deciding the cost is the company’s experience. Generally, the cost of bookkeeping services of a company that provides tax filing is higher.


Individuals need a personal bookkeeping service to keep track of personal finance. It is important to keep the records of the various expenses, assets, investments, and income in detail. A professional in bookkeeping service makes an accounting ledger to keep everything in one place. With the help of bookkeeping, you can save your taxes efficiently.

HRMB Associates LLC provides a personalized bookkeeping service to individuals, business owners, and stakeholders. We maintain accurate records of personal finance in the form of statements. Our experts provide a time-tracking report of all your finances so that you can plan your future efficiently. We also help our clients in tax preparation and filing at a low financial cost. For any accounting and bookkeeping services, contact us now.

Personal Bookkeeping Service: Here’s Everything you must know
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