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Although a firm doesn’t depend totally on bookkeeping and accounting services, these are among the most vital tasks. Bookkeepers help to maintain track expenditures, financial records, and revenues and offer updated business health growth snapshots. Accountants and bookkeepers are known for their make-or-break factors. It often impacts the company’s success or failure. Apt and exact accounting and bookkeeping let you make sound verdicts to plan the business well. It utilizes time and confirms that you’re ready when the IRS audits the firm.

It’s not simple to run a small business as you would not have the experience or time to manage your finance books. If you want to hire an online accounting and bookkeeping service, among the first things you’ll want to know is the accounting service cost.

Here is a brief overview of the accounting service cost to manage some parts of a small business.

Cost Of A Bookkeeper

There is no fixed accounting service cost to hire professionals to manage business finances. It can vary based on the accounting expert you hire with the business particulars. Some factors affecting the charge of accountants are:

  1. The business size
  2. Total monthly transactions
  3. The difficulty of the firm’s services

The normal range of a firm’s bookkeeper’s cost is around $500 to $2,500 per month.

If you’ve got to do the books, how much time does it take? It would most likely be longer than it would take an expert who quickly points out issues that the untrained eye misses! While it can look similar to business expenditure, the monthly cost is enough.

A professional bookkeeper saves money on taxes after ensuring that you track your expenses, so no surprises are there when it is about tax filing. They are familiar with possible tax deductions that can save costs for businesses and charge minimal accounting service fees.

Flat Fee Vs. Hourly Pricing Bookkeeping Costs

Financial experts typically charge business through either flat or hourly rates. While hourly seems a cheap option, this isn’t true.

The hourly rates of accounting service costs depend on the financial experts’ use. When you consider CPA and wonder, “how much does CPA accounting service cost?” you can be surprised to find them higher than bookkeeping, sometimes in $150 to $450 in the hourly range. Where the bookkeeper can run a business anywhere from $30 to $90 per hour, the CPAs also charge higher.

Knowing the differences between the flat fee and hourly prices is a great way to choose the right one for the business.

Flat Fee

Managing the accounting service cost with a steady and consistent rate is simple. Flat fee bookkeeping is the simpler one among both. It lets you pay a set price for unlimited work. While some months don’t need a lot from the bookkeeper, others can go busier.

It’s simple to find the perfect flat fee so that you do not pay more for the certain things you need. There are various ways to find accounting service costs according to different business needs and the monthly work.

Hourly Fee

The hourly accounting service cost is perfect when you need help only with books occasionally. You can also hire someone on a per-project basis and pay for the spent time on the project.

While it is simple to control accounting service costs, many small businesses need consistent services to keep the books intact.

Bookkeeping Costs According To Services

If you are wondering how bookkeeping costs differ as per services, here is the detailed view:

Part-Time Bookkeeper Cost

Part-time bookkeepers mostly perform bookkeeping duties and manage & supervise them. The accounting service cost of a part-time bookkeeper varies. The hourly rates for a part-time and internal average of around $20/hour are based on the location and job description.

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When you manage the job and accounting per month, you’ll need some help. Having a part-time bookkeeper with reasonable accounting service fees would perfectly fit your business. They work by inputting the receipts and tracking accounts payable, accounts receivable, and employee timesheets.

Full-Time Bookkeeper Costs

Based on the location, the average annual bookkeeping cost can fluctuate between $35,000 to $55,000 yearly with the overhead and benefits. The accounting service cost of bookkeepers is high with the higher cost of living in cities which goes towards $70K.

Outsourcing Costs

The key benefit of outsourcing is customizing services to receive bookkeeping costs. You can also outsource or hire a bookkeeper for better finance management. The average price of outsourcing bookkeeping should be from $500 to $2,500 per month based on the complexity of the transactions and the services.

Average Cost Of An Accountant

Earlier mentioned are the reasons to employ an accountant. With all the reasons discussed above, you can start thinking of hiring an accountant. Let’s know how much an accounting service costs?

Although the accounting service cost is affected by location, the skill, level, and fees also affect it. According to sources, the average rate per hour is around $40. As the government or local laws don’t control the cost of an accountant, it would be challenging to settle for a specific amount that an accountant charges firm owners.

Of course, though it is not fixed, the cost of an accountant is estimated by business owners and is often based on the work, especially when it is a tricky task like financial audits. The accounting service cost is also based on the type of firm. Small firms generally employ an accountant charging around $150, and an accountant charges $600 per hour because of its big business clientele.

The account feeds are above or below the overall accountant rate. Also, the costs can vary from accountant to accountant. For example, the fee of a newly qualified accountant is different from a CPA holder with many projects on hand.

Also, the accounting service cost for a bookkeeper with 20 years of expertise will not be the same—most professionals in the field charge for their services at a per-hour rate.

Whatever accountant choice you make, you should calculate and consider the size and need of the business, project, and experience type. You should find an accountant and leverage the fee of consultations and accountants based on your business needs. You can also request referrals from business associates to research accounting service costs.

Determining Factors For Accountant Costs

How many dollars accountants would need to pay is based on what you’re searching for and the expertise you need.

Accounting fee is not determined or regulated by local governments. Instead, the prices are based on business size, services, the expertise of accountants, and the time length for planning work.

Accountants charge with three fee structures: Project-based fixed fees and hourly.

When you need an accountant for occasional projects, such as an audit or tax preparation, you should ask for the total accounting service cost estimate before they start to work. Often they will charge an hourly rate built on the hours they believe in finishing the project.

Monthly Or Fixed Fee

Looking for a fixed-fee structure makes sense when you need ongoing accounting services such as payroll or bookkeeping. You can easily budget a fixed fee as you pay the same rate monthly, and they also end up being a better deal in the long run.

Cost Of Project

If you need an accountant for an occasional project, such as an audit or tax preparation, you should ask for the total cost estimate before they start to work. The project rates are the accountant’s hourly rates by the number of hours it takes to complete the entire project. 

Hourly Rates

Hourly accounting service costs are common, and they vary based on the experience of an accountant, certifications, and training. The rate of an accountant is around $150 to $400 on an hourly basis. 


Bookkeepers and accountants are required for all businesses, and accountants charge per-project basis, hourly, or work on a fixed salary. There are some major differences between types of accountants and bookkeepers; you should look for the ones that suit your needs with the right accounting service cost. HRMB Associates LLC offers the most comprehensive solutions for bookkeeping and accounting at reasonable costs. We cater to the accounting requirements of small and large businesses and follow the most updated practices with qualified experts working for many years.

How Much Does An Accounting And Bookkeeping Service Cost?
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