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If you want to generate an extra income stream, then part time data entry jobs from home would be best for you. Even after the pandemic, many people are interested in doing remote work. Part-time data entry jobs are easy to do and don’t require any special skills.

Anyone can do it from the comfort of home to earn extra money along with other full-time jobs. The biggest problem people face is finding the right part-time data entry jobs which pay well. To know more about how to find the right data entry jobs, read the post till the end.

Difference Between Full Time & Part Time Data Entry Jobs From Home

You can get the work from home data entry jobs on a full and part-time basis. Newbies confuse between full-time and part time data entry jobs. The major difference between these two types of jobs is the working hours. To clear out your confusion, here is the difference you must know:

Full-Time Data Entry Jobs From Home

A full-time data entry job is a position in which you work a specific number of hours. These jobs are available for the remote in which the employer defines the hours of the job. During this, you have to complete the data entry tasks every day by giving the minimum hours set by your employer. 

According to the statistics, an average data entry operator works at least 35-40 hours per week in America. Additionally, in full-time data entry jobs, you receive a fixed amount of money at the end of the month.

Part Time Data Entry Jobs From Home

Part time data entry jobs from home require fewer hours than a full-time job. In this position, people work a maximum of 35 hours per week. The employer does not fix the number of hours in most cases. 

It is the most popular way to generate an extra stream of income for college students. The flexible schedule allows you to work on other important tasks as well. There is no fixed amount of salary in part-time data entry jobs. The payout depends on the number of hours you work in a week.

Skills & Requirements For Doing Part Time Data Entry Jobs From Home

Part time data entry jobs from home allow you to work from anywhere and anytime. Due to its flexible hours, it is the most preferred job type for college students or working professionals. You can do the part time data entry jobs from your car, library, living room, and even in a cafe. It also allows you to earn extra money along with study and another full-time job. Here are the requirements for doing part time data entry jobs successfully:

Typing Speed

The first skill you need to do part time data entry jobs from home is the fast typing speed. The task involved in the jobs requires you to save the data in the software or excel sheets. The faster your typing speed, the more you can earn by working fewer hours.

Most companies ask data entry operators to transcribe the data from the audio files. The typing speed will determine how fast you can transcribe the whole audio clip.

Accuracy In Data Entry

Companies pay for storing accurate data in their DBMS software or programs. It is one of the important skills you must have to complete the tasks before the deadline. Inaccurate data entry may cost you a termination from the contract. 

Make sure you are good at typing accurate data from various other formats. Part time data entry jobs from home require entering accurate figures in the shortest possible time. If you can type the accurate data, you can complete the task in less time.

Time Management Skills

Part time data entry jobs from home require good time management skills. As you don’t have to work fewer hours daily from home, managing your time for the job is important. You will most likely be asked to work in a specific country’s time zone. You have to manage your time for doing the data entry job regularly. Although it offers time flexibility, good time management can make the job much easier for you.

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You must need a good laptop and high-speed internet to perform your daily tasks. A part time data entry job from home allows you to work from anywhere. Having essential hardware like home-office setup, WiFi connection, and a High-performing laptop can make a big difference. If you don’t have these basic things, it might be hard for you to work properly.


Some of the part time data entry jobs from home require special software. These are data entry software often provided by companies. You have to use these to enter the data from hard copies. Other companies use the standard data storage products of Microsoft and Google. You may have basic data management software in case the company doesn’t provide you with these from their side.

Tips On Finding The Right Part Time Data Entry Jobs From Home

Finding the right part time data entry jobs from home is no less than fighting a battle. On the internet, every second job turns out to be a scam as part time jobs are specifically posted by the companies who have outsourced their work. There are simple tips you can use to find the right data entry job for yourself.

  • Create Your Resume

Whether a full-time or part time data entry jobs from home, a good resume showcases your skills. It is essential to create a resume before starting your search. Make sure your resume clearly defines your education, skills, and experience in the data entry field. The employers consider the resume a deciding factor for the interview rounds. If you don’t have a resume, hire a professional to create one.

  • Use Various Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms are an easy way to find part-time data entry jobs from home. The best part of these platforms is that they have various projects with different skills. Make your profile on a freelance platform and bid on the desired part-time data entry jobs. 

The communication level on these platforms is easy through a video and voice calling facility. To broaden your search, enter the type of project, number of hours per week, and price in the advance search bar. Start applying for jobs and prepare for interview sessions.

  • Search On Job Posting Sites

Another way to find part time data entry jobs from home is through job posting sites. Most companies post part time data entry jobs on the jobs posting websites. You can easily contact the employer by using their contact details.

Create your professional account on these job posting sites and complete your profile. Search for the part time data entry jobs along with working hours. Now, read the job description and start applying which match your skills. 

  • Use Social Media

You may not know, but social media has a huge opportunity for professionals. Use the platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram to find the right part time data entry jobs from home. Beware of the various scams promoted on social media in the name of jobs. Use the Facebook groups and Linkedin connections to land your dream part time data entry job.

  • Upskill Yourself 

Finding the right part time data entry jobs requires you to know the latest trends in the market. With time, the working scenario of the data industry has changed. It is important to upskill yourself with the latest skills and methods in the online market. For landing better part time data entry jobs, take a certification course. Once you update yourself with new skills, getting the right data entry job is easy.


Finding the right part time data entry jobs from home requires deep research. The flexibility of time in this job makes it the desirable part time working option. It has gained massive popularity among college students who want to earn extra money along with their studies. Be updated with the latest trends and use various freelance, job posting, and social media sites to find the right job for yourself. We hope you find valuable information from this post.

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How To Find The Right Part Time Data Entry Jobs From Home?
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