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As a small firm owner, you would need up-to-date and right financial info to make the best business decisions. With the firm’s growth and expansion after drawing in more customers, you should track your business expenses and ensure the books are right, and it is time-consuming and complex.

It is great to keep track of money while you run a business – owners and managers should know the cash flow of sales, salary, expenses, payments, and other money going in and out of business. You know it is vital to keep records, not only for CRA compliance and audit safety, but it is also handy when you wish to sell business down the line.

Also, when you’re sick of teaching about using the accounting software and staring at spreadsheets, you’ll find yourself losing track and falling behind the receipts. You’re afraid to miss overdue invoices and vital deductions that cost money. Now is the right time to outsource your work to bookkeeping services and hire a professional bookkeeper.

What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

With the help of a bookkeeper, you record the financial transactions of your small business. They make a system to arrange purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. Bookkeeping services also record vital info in accounting software and help make sense of numbers.

On one side of the story, bookkeepers are only important in processing the expenses, receipts, and payments. The main qualities of a bookkeeper that people should look after are identifying trends, making sense of numbers, and applying them to your business. They offer you the right set of year-to-date accounting records while offering a picture of the firm’s financial health. It lets you make the right and timely business decisions using the right data.

With the right bookkeeping services, you’ll get valuable information like the amount from your business, if you’re making any profit, which marketing campaigns are working, and more. Through this info, you can make timely and informed business decisions.

Before hiring people, you have to be sure if it’s worth the cost. We will discuss eight great reasons to hire an expert bookkeeper for your firm.

A Professional Bookkeeper Saves You A Lot Of Time

You spend many hours each month on bookkeeping and other financial tasks. As it is tedious and time-consuming, you should leave them at the bottom of the list or assign these tasks to expert bookkeeping services. Then when it’s time to file your taxes, you waste the valued time while catching up with things.

Without the right bookkeeping services, you can overlook and forget tax credits when you file HST/GST tax income tax returns. You ensure that you’re getting the benefits of all available tax deductions. The more you can claim, the lower the tax bill you get.

There is a lot to know about the expenses and what you wish to claim. And missing deduction would mean paying more taxes than you have to. Even though you won’t have to send the original receipts while filing taxes, if the CRA wants to see proof of a claim and you can’t find it, you won’t be able to claim it. Bookkeeping services keep things organized, and the time spent while managing the non-core activities like bookkeeping, you take out important time away for growing your firm with core business works like positive customer experience, product development, and ultimately a higher reputation.

They Let You Identify Any Issues With The Cash Flow

As bookkeeping services handle the day-to-day recording of invoices, receipts, and other transactions, they have a good income handling experience, spending habits, and expenses. The account attention helps to know the business performance and identifies cash flow problems.

In firms that hire bookkeepers for the long term, you’ll have someone to take care of things like your business taxes and finance reports. They have the important context for accurate and timely filings in the tax season. The bookkeeping services also offer the info you need to know about the cash flow and business performance.

Unpaid and late bills dent your trade goals and cash flow. A bookkeeper puts the right processes in place to help in keeping an eye on the invoices. It includes sending reminders that you’ll have to issue a penalty or make a call when a bill is late.

They also keep on top of any forgotten or late payments, so you won’t need to worry about missing financial duties.

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They Save Your Firm From Financial Problems

If you’re taking professional bookkeeping services, you’ll have a safety net for financial problems. If the firm has any external audit, you benefit from having a bookkeeper. During the tax season, you’ll offer an insight into the returns while collaborating with a CPA to get a clear picture.

They also ensure that the firm’s habits won’t get you into tough situations. The bookkeeper also helps you with financial matters affecting the business, such as a business partner’s death or divorce. Professional bookkeeping services protect you from internal concerns ranging from theft or employee fraud.

They also ensure that the firm’s habits don’t get you into hard situations. The bookkeeper advises you on financial matters that affect the firm.

You’re Well Prepared For An Audit

In any unlikely event of small business auditing by CRA, having up-to-date and right records ensure a smooth audit process. The sooner you hire a bookkeeper for your business, the better. If you want to apply for COVID-19 financial assistance programs, having up-to-date records ensures the applications meet appropriate government needs and pass any audit test or review.

If you’re enrolled in a current COVID-19 program, expect CRA to raise its audit activity in the coming months because of the financial assistance programs. You would have peace of mind knowing that if the CRA calls, you won’t need to worry about organizing the books and proving compliance.  With the right program guidelines and the assistance of bookkeeping services, you will be well prepared for any surprise audits.

If you’re worried about any activity of your audit, the best defense is to have good bookkeeping services. Without the right records to support the income tax returns or GST/HST returns, non-income items can get taxed like income, and valid expenses can be disallowed with other issues.

Banks And Other Creditors Offer Loans

Creditors need the right info about the position of finance you grant for the firm before they offer a loan. With good records, you show the right creditors that you know the true facets of the firm.

Quality bookkeeping services assure you’ll have ample time to secure capital while you can outline any past performance. You can assure banks and other lenders that you have a solid history of good business finance handling skills.

And when you want to sell the business, having good financial records demonstrates the business value to the prospective buyers.

Besides, when it is about selling the firms to secure capital to grow the business, being able to document the past performance with the help of bookkeeping services helps the valuation of the firm.


Firms and clients know their financial standings from the books’ information. Most people don’t understand how bookkeeping impacts the growth of a firm, and hiring a bookkeeper is a perfect way to save money and foster slowly. Freelancers and small firms need the stability of sound finance plans to help them in sustaining business activities. Hiring bookkeepers is an important part of this process.

Thus, if you’ve read this blog, we assume that by now, you’re considering hiring a bookkeeper for your firm, and HRMB Associates LLC is your solution. HRMB Associates LLC can have your back by providing your business with the most versatile bookkeepers at your service. Our bookkeeping and accounting services are always in demand and provide service to firms of all sizes and shapes.

Why Hire A Bookkeeper? Can They Help Businesses Grow?
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