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Data entry clerks spend much of their time feeding data into computer systems. People assume data entry operators only have a typing job. Although, there are many other works of a data clerk than just putting data into the system.With inputting the data, they also sort and arrange it in the proper order. In this job function, they have to know the right way to use a keypad, and they should know about computing systems.

Enrolling in typing classes is vital for a person working in this position or looking for this position. While the employers ensure that the person has a high school degree, a little work experience adds up too.

A lot more meets the eye of a data clerk. For example, do you know they make $14.33 as average hourly income? Thus, the data entry clerk salary equals $29,810 a year.

Job Role Of A Data Entry Clerk

Common qualities mentioned in the CV of a data clerk are company skills, customer service skills, and attention to detail. Specific skill is the responsibility. The data operators must be responsible for their work and know-how to perform their duties perfectly. Let’s talk about the most needed skills for someone working as a data entry operator.

What Qualifications A Data Entry Clerk Can Possess

To be a data entry operator, one should be a matriculate and senior secondary pass out. However, one should have excellent keypad skills with higher secondary education to enter public or private companies. Further, if the person has any computer course certificate or work experience, it is considered an added qualification to apply for a job in the field. 

If you want to become a data entry clerk, the first thing to consider is how much education you want. About 28.4% of data clerks have bachelor’s degrees. Regarding higher education levels, we found that 2.2% of data clerks have a master’s degree. Also, some clerks have college degrees or commonly have a GED or high school degree.

Candidates must select the right major when looking at how to be a data entry clerk. Having other job experience can also help a person land a job as a data clerk. Most data clerk jobs need experience in roles like customer service jobs. Meanwhile, most data clerks also have experience in administrative or cashier assistant roles.

Eligibility Criteria For Becoming A Data Entry Clerk

You must follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to be a data entry clerk:

Complete High School

Most firms want data clerks with a high school diploma or an equal GED. In high school, start a course in typing speed or computer science to mend data feeding skills and prepare for the sector job.

Become Skilled

In high school or graduation, take some time to form basic skills to be a perfect data entry clerk. Work to expand talents like typing, time managing, etc., as these are vital for a data clerk.

Get Job Experience

You should find ways to practice the CV before applying for jobs. All the training is gathering, reviewing, and sorting data, which you can add to the CV. You can consider volunteering with local firms for the school, keeping meeting notes, and keeping the member roster logs.

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Consider Completing The College

Some data entry clerks can occasionally attend college and earn either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree before entering the workforce. Most clerks can look for a business or a related field degree.

Get Certified

Getting a data entry or similar skill is a perfect way to show employers that you’re the right person for the spot offer. Most online organizations and public colleges offer training suites that result in certificates for data clerks. Some are general while others are there in the computer program.

The Right Skills To Become A Data Entry Clerk

Most data entry clerks have some skill sets that make them perform their work well. Consider the common data clerk skills.

  • Critical thinking: Some roles in data entry need to know the info to record to sort it in order.
  • Dependability: Firms rely on data clerks to perfectly and correctly add database info.
  • Computer literacy: Almost all the data entry clerks who work with computer systems have to update and input data. They need a proper understanding of the specific software and computer.
  • Customer Service: Many data clerks answer phones to get customers’ info. The vital skills in such cases are customer service and competence.
  • Should Have Attention To Detail: Data entry clerks should review the information they get and know its accuracy while adding it to their database.
  • Organization: Most data entry clerks use a large amount of information daily. They stay organized to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

What Do Data Entry Clerks Do?

A Data entry clerk reviews, inputs, and sorts data into a system. Data clerks perform these tasks in their work time. Most data clerks work with digital databases and systems; some try physical methods to sort and track info.

Feed info: The primary responsibility of the data entry clerk is to add up information to the database of the firm.

Update Journal Entries: Data entry clerks can be accountable for ensuring the database’s information is correct and updated as needed.

Search database: Most data entry clerks have technical skills and experience, which they use to ensure that the database works perfectly.

Eliminate the duplicates: Duplication happens sometimes. Data entry clerks ensure that no duplicate entries are present in the database.

Discrepancies of the document: When the data clerk finds a discrepancy or data error, they should document and report the issue to the manager.

Perform administrative tasks: Based on the business size and new information influx to add to the database, some data entry clerks perform basic tasks like filing paperwork and answering phones.

Data clerks primarily work inside an office. With more remote work, some data clerks work inside the home instead of in the office. Almost all data entry clerks use tablets, systems, or mobile devices to link to the net to finish their duties.

With the data entry jobs, you can work with the roster. You get a payout per entry; the faster you type, the more earnings. You also mend literacy, number, and system skills. These skills help the person to move into a new career path.

Career Path Of Data Entry Clerks

With the career map, a data entry clerk knows their career goals with the growth pace. For example, they can begin with roles like office assistant and move to titles like executive assistant and finally become operations manager. As you start moving in your career, you need to be accountable and notice that you took a management role.

Final Consideration

To start working as a data entry operator, one does not need to be very smart, but one needs to do a lot of hard work with hands-on experience. Thus, no specific study materials or books are there to prepare you for the career. You should have excellent MS Office skills, know the basic system, and know managerial and clerical methods. In addition, as a data entry operator, you should type fast, with precision and efficacy, to do high-speed tasks.

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How To Become A Data Entry Clerk? Know It All Here
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